Wyoming Whiskey

In the heart of Kirby, Wyoming, Wyoming Whiskey stands as a testament to the craft and dedication that every drop embodies. With unwavering commitment to quality, they meticulously produce bourbon in small batches, etching their mark on the spirits landscape.

At their distillery in Kirby, the journey of every drop of Wyoming Whiskey begins. It’s here, from the very inception, that the alchemy unfolds. Each drop is crafted with precision and care, a testament to their devotion to the art of whiskey-making.

What sets Wyoming Whiskey apart is their unwavering dedication to the process. Not every whiskey you encounter shares this distinction. Wyoming Whiskey proudly ages every drop in one of their six rick houses, ensuring the essence of Kirby infuses each barrel. This authenticity is their hallmark, a reflection of their commitment to the craft.

They don’t pass judgment on other whiskeys, but their steadfast devotion to the singular origin of every drop is a point of pride. This commitment is more than a choice; it’s a pledge to their craft, to their roots, and to those who savor the result of their labor.

With every sip of Wyoming Whiskey, you taste the essence of Kirby, the dedication to craft, and the unyielding belief that every drop is a testament to their motto: EVERY DROP. WE SELL, WE MAKE. It’s not just a slogan; it’s their way of life, and they hope it means as much to you as it does to them.