Woodchuck Hard Cider

Woodchuck Hard Cider, crafted by the Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC in Middlebury, Vermont, is a leading brand of hard cider in the United States. With its roots dating back to 1991 at The Joseph Cerniglia Winery in Proctorsville, Vermont, Woodchuck quickly gained popularity and expanded its production to meet growing demand.

Over the years, Woodchuck Hard Cider has established itself as a pioneer in the cider industry. It became the first cider company in the nation to sell one million cases in a year and captured approximately 47% of the hard cider market in the United States. The brand’s success led to its acquisition by the Irish beverage company C&C Group in 2012.

Woodchuck offers a diverse range of ciders, with ten core styles available in bottles or cans. They also provide variety packs that offer a mix of flavors, including a low-calorie option featuring fruit-flavored ciders. The company’s 802 Collection highlights the use of Vermont-sourced apples, showcasing the region’s rich cider-making heritage.

One of the distinguishing features of Woodchuck Hard Cider is its commitment to quality and gluten-free production. Made solely from apples and other fruits, Woodchuck ciders are free from gluten, ensuring a delightful and accessible beverage for cider enthusiasts.

As Woodchuck Hard Cider continues its journey under the ownership of Northeast Drinks Group, the brand remains dedicated to delivering exceptional cider experiences while celebrating the essence of Vermont craftsmanship.