Taconic Distillery

Taconic Distillery, founded in 2013, is a distinguished craft spirits producer nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley of New York. With a dedication to the art of distillation, they meticulously handcraft their acclaimed bourbon and rye whiskies in small, artisanal batches. Their commitment to quality shines through in every bottle, as they use only the finest locally-sourced grains and pure, farm-fresh spring water.

Inspired by the timeless pursuits of hunting and fishing, Taconic Distillery infuses the spirit of the outdoors into each of their creations. Whether you’re sipping on award-winning spirits neat or crafting your favorite cocktails, you’ll taste the authentic passion for the great outdoors in every drop. Discover the natural beauty and exceptional flavor of Taconic Distillery’s craft spirits, where simplicity meets brilliance.