Rekorderlig Hard Cider

Rekorderlig, a global cider brand, captures the essence of Sweden with its refreshing and distinctively Swedish ciders. Since its inception almost three decades ago in Vimmerby, Sweden, each cider continues to be meticulously crafted using pure Swedish spring water sourced from a nearby spring.

Rooted in tradition, Rekorderlig is the result of the expertise of a fourth-generation family brewery. Blending the finest Swedish spring water with wild and exotic fruits, they create a diverse range of deliciously fruity ciders that go beyond the traditional apple and pear flavors.

With a shared vision to embody the spirit of Sweden, Rekorderlig was born. The name itself, Swedish for “trustworthy” and “honest,” reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity. While the ciders are still crafted in the same small town of Vimmerby, their appeal extends far beyond its borders, offering a refreshingly different experience to cider enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you’re seeking a taste of Sweden or simply craving a uniquely flavorful cider, Rekorderlig brings the beauty of Swedish craftsmanship to cider lovers around the globe.