Oyster Party

Serving delicious Lobster Rolls and Oysters!

Founded in 2011 by Kyle Needham, Oyster Party emerged from a simple realization at a friend’s gathering: while oysters were adored, few knew the art of shucking them. Inspired by this gap, Kyle conceptualized a service to curate raw bars for private events. This spark of an idea coincided with the burgeoning food markets scene in New York City, where the notion of serving freshly shucked oysters found immediate resonance.

The arrival of Samuel in 2012 marked a pivotal moment for the venture as the duo joined forces to expand their reach. Since then, Oyster Party has evolved into a cornerstone of raw bar catering in New York, orchestrating countless events and delighting thousands of guests at food markets across the city.

At its core, Oyster Party is dedicated to the art of serving high-quality oysters in a manner that is both meticulous and meaningful. This commitment has been the driving force behind their success, shaping their journey from a humble beginning to a cherished staple in the culinary landscape of New York.