No.3 Gin

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, No.3 Gin unveiled the key ingredients for Unrivalled Mastery: exceptional quality, passion, and precision. No.3 Gin emerged from the creative endeavors of Berry Bros. & Rudd, London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, situated steadfastly at No.3 St. James’s Street since 1698. In the year 2008, Berry Bros. & Rudd embarked on an audacious mission, one that aimed to establish the ultimate benchmark for quality in the realm of London Dry Gin.

Two painstaking years were dedicated to crafting the impeccable recipe, collaborating with the foremost masters of the gin craft, including the singular Dr. David Clutton, the world’s sole possessor of a Ph.D. in gin studies. The outcome of this meticulous endeavor was a harmonious fusion of juniper, citrus, and spice, a feat made possible through unparalleled craftsmanship, unbridled passion, and exacting precision.

No.3 Gin stands as an embodiment of equilibrium, boasting three essential flavors – Juniper, Citrus, and Spice – making it the quintessential choice for a refreshing gin and tonic, an unblemished, crisp martini, or a distinctively flavorful negroni.

A full two years were dedicated to the creation of this masterpiece, as they toiled alongside master distillers, celebrated mixologists, and the eminent Dr. David Clutton. The selection of the finest botanicals was an endeavor that spanned months, ensuring the birth of a truly classic London Dry Gin.

To meet their exacting standards, the spirit and botanicals were meticulously distilled in a century-old, brick-encased copper pot still located in the gin’s ancestral home – Holland, renowned as the epicenter of gin craftsmanship. Armed with the finest ingredients, guided by the expertise of the world’s foremost gin connoisseurs, and fortified by unwavering determination, No.3 Gin came into existence.

Yet, the secret of their success lay within the finer points. Their discerning panel of experts, particularly the luminary figures of the London bar trade, insisted that gin for classic cocktails and long drinks must exhibit an alcohol by volume (abv) content at or exceeding 45% (90 proof) to allow the full spectrum of gin flavors to flourish when blended.

No.3 Gin secured its place as the World’s Best Gin, a remarkable achievement, winning the title four times at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge (ISC), the world’s most esteemed spirits competition. The pinnacle was reached in 2019 when it was crowned the Supreme Champion Spirit.

The alchemy behind No.3 Gin begins with the precise weighing of the six botanicals, which are then meticulously added to the still, immersed in ultra-pure grain spirit for over 16 hours. The following day, the distillation process commences, extending for over 7 hours. The Master Distiller is entrusted with the task of collecting the ‘heart’ of the distillate, a responsibility that bears the hallmark of their unwavering commitment to quality. Triple-checking becomes the norm, ensuring that No.3 Gin surpasses expectations and attains nothing less than the spectacular.

The final touch is a careful calibration, bringing the gin to a precise 46% abv, an exacting level that complements its distinctive taste to perfection. Indeed, the difference is in the details, and No.3 Gin epitomizes the zenith of gin craftsmanship and the pursuit of excellence.