Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

In 2006, a serendipitous journey led brothers Andy and Charlie Nelson to a small Tennessee town, where they visited a local butcher. Little did they know that this excursion would become the catalyst for a remarkable journey. While conversing with the butcher, they casually shared stories they had heard about their family’s storied whiskey legacy. It was on Distillery Road, amidst the Tennessee backdrop, that destiny beckoned.

The butcher, sensing the weight of history in the air, directed the brothers to the town’s esteemed historian. With pride and reverence, the historian unveiled two exquisitely preserved bottles of Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey, meticulously crafted by their great-great-great grandfather. In that poignant moment, time seemed to stand still, and a profound sense of purpose took root in the hearts of Andy and Charlie.

From that day forward, the Nelson brothers embarked on an unwavering mission to breathe new life into their ancestor’s legacy of top-quality whiskey. Their dedication and commitment have since resonated with whiskey aficionados far and wide, as they endeavor to revive a tradition of excellence that honors their family’s heritage and tantalizes the palates of connoisseurs across the globe. Thus, Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery was reborn, a testament to the enduring legacy of their forefathers and the unyielding passion of two brothers devoted to preserving their whiskey heritage.