Hudson Whiskey NY

Hudson Whiskey NY embodies the very essence of New York’s spirited character. Crafted with the highest quality grains sourced from local family farmers, their whiskeys pay homage to the authenticity of our region.

With a remarkable balance of boldness and refinement, their whiskeys are an artful and unapologetic expression of New York’s vibrant personality. As they’ve quietly matured over the past decade, they have continued to push the boundaries of flavor through innovative experiments with new grains, blends, and cask finishes.

In the realm of American distilling, Hudson Whiskey have carved out their own distinctive niche, introducing something entirely new and groundbreaking for whiskey enthusiasts around the world. Drawing inspiration from the iconic bright lights of Broadway, the breathtaking vistas of the majestic Hudson Valley, and, most importantly, the incredible people who define New York, Hudson Whiskey captures the ever-evolving and exciting thrill of our state in every bottle.