Herodes Mezcal

Herodes Mezcal is the embodiment of excellence, crafted from the finest agave espadin sourced from the rugged southern mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. Every drop of Herodes is the result of a meticulous and 100% artisanal process, preserving the rich traditions of mezcal production.

The journey begins with the agave, which is lovingly cooked in a traditional ground oven, imparting a subtle, light smokiness to the spirit. Following this, the agave is carefully crushed by hand and then fermented in wooden tanks, allowing the natural yeasts to work their magic.

The final transformation occurs through double distillation in copper alembic stills, culminating in the creation of Herodes Mezcal’s exquisite elixir. This extraordinary spirit embodies the heart and soul of Oaxaca, delivering a unique and authentic experience to those who savor its artisanal craftsmanship.