Hayman’s Gin

The tale of Hayman’s traces its roots back to 1863, when their great-great-grandfather pioneered the distinctive essence of London Dry Gin. Over the span of 160 years, the London Dry style evolved into the world’s most favored gin. The original recipe remains a source of pride, carefully preserved in every bottle they produce.

As an autonomous family enterprise, Hayman’s exudes a genuine passion for their craft, their collaborators, and the gin enthusiasts who relish their creations. The essence of family permeates their endeavors, shaping their values and guiding their actions. Within the Hayman’s London Distillery, a nexus of traditions and innovations converges. This hallowed space not only hosts tours and cocktail masterclasses, but serves as the birthplace of their exceptional gins. The gleaming copper stills bear the names of cherished female family members—Marjorie, Karin, and Miranda—and over two full days, these stills orchestrate the distillation of ten botanicals into harmonious concoctions.

Within this realm, the tapestry of family legacy intertwines seamlessly with the tapestry of future aspirations. Here, innovation thrives, and new flavors and expressions are discovered through daring experimentation. Sustainability is paramount, as renewable ingredients are sourced, waste is repurposed, and the pursuit of B Corp certification propels their endeavors forward.

Among their recent innovations stand out Hayman’s London Light and Small Gin, ingenious creations that offer a low-alcohol G&T without sacrificing taste. Another beacon of their ingenuity is the environmentally conscious British vodka, Respirited. This vodka emerges from a process of resourcefulness, utilizing rescued grain spirit to craft a character-rich vodka encased in sustainable packaging. As Hayman’s continues to craft their narrative, their unwavering dedication to quality, family heritage, and sustainability remains resolute.