Happy Dad Hard Seltzer

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer, established in 2021 by a group of adventurous friends, is on a mission to create the most delicious hard seltzer out there. Fueled by their love for both beer and seltzer, they embarked on a quest to craft a beverage that would surpass all others in taste and quality.

Unlike other hard seltzers on the market, Happy Dad recognized the need to eliminate the strange aftertaste and excessive carbonation that often accompanies such drinks. They believe that enjoying a hard seltzer should be a smooth and satisfying experience from start to finish.

Additionally, Happy Dad understands that aesthetics matter too. Rejecting the notion that holding a skinny can is cool, they opted for a regular-sized can that exudes an air of authenticity and comfort.

Countless tastings and relentless dedication led them to develop what they firmly believe is the best hard seltzer, not only for themselves but also for their friends. Happy Dad Hard Seltzer is characterized by its easy-drinking nature, low carbonation, and a refreshing profile with simple yet delightful flavors.

At Happy Dad, they refuse to buy into the “skinny can bullsh*t” and instead focus on delivering an exceptional hard seltzer experience that truly satisfies. So grab a can of Happy Dad, and revel in the joy of a hard seltzer that is crafted with passion and designed for pure enjoyment.