Coastal Spritz Wine

Their journey to introduce premium wine in a convenient, ready-to-drink can began in 2017 when they recognized a gap in the market. They aimed to provide a convenient alternative for wine connoisseurs with active lifestyles, liberating them from the traditional ritual of uncorking a bottle to savor the exquisite wines of The Columbia Valley. This vision gave birth to Coastal Spritz, a concept designed with versatility in mind. Coastal Spritz is the ideal companion whether you’re at home, enjoying a movie, or immersed in your favorite book. It’s equally perfect for outdoor gatherings with friends under the sun by the pool. The essence of Coastal Spritz is the fusion of premium wine with convenience, making it a suitable choice for any occasion. They call this the Coastal Flow, and it’s what sets them apart. Four years into their journey, they persist in their mission to bring Coastal Spritz to the world because they believe the world becomes a better place when wine becomes part of the equation.

Furthermore, Coastal is committed to supporting the Ocean Foundation by contributing a portion of their proceeds to beach cleanup and reef preservation. Their holistic approach recognizes the need to preserve coral reefs by maintaining the delicate balance of fish and marine life that have coexisted for centuries. Coastal believes in the power of collective action and emphasizes that every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the well-being of the ocean.

Coastal takes the traditional wine spritz experience to new heights by offering premium wine in colorful monochromatic cans, providing a fresh perspective on this classic drink. With 5% premium wine complemented by sparkling water, their wine varietals are crisp, refreshing, and never overly sweet. What’s more, Coastal eliminates the need to mix with other ingredients – they’ve already done the work for you. Ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, Coastal’s canned wine spritz is a testament to their commitment to delivering a hassle-free and delightful wine experience.