Casa Noble Tequila

Embark on a captivating journey with Casa Noble Tequila, a brand that exemplifies the art of sipping perfection from their high-altitude Blue Weber agave fields to the convivial gatherings of friends around a table.

CRAFTED FOR SIPPING PERFECTION At Casa Noble, perfection is a labor of love that spans seven generations, a timeless commitment to precision and attention to detail. Each sip is a testament to the expertise that has been cultivated and handed down through the ages.

AGED IN FRENCH OAK In a world where most tequila matures in common American oak, Casa Noble stands apart. Their commitment to excellence is exemplified by the exclusive use of premium, toasted (not charred) French Oak Barrels. This unique choice infuses the tequila with a depth and complexity of flavors that set it apart. The result is a captivating aromatic essence, unmistakably Casa Noble.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC AGAVE Casa Noble’s reverence for the environment and dedication to preserving the land is deeply ingrained in their history. Pioneers in the use of certified organic agave, their commitment to sustainability goes far beyond. From the cultivation of agave fields on their high-altitude estate to the creation of their own compost, Casa Noble gives back to nature for all that it has bestowed upon them. This harmonious partnership with the land underscores their journey towards crafting the finest tequila.

ESTATE GROWN The journey of Casa Noble begins in the rich, volcanic soil of their high-altitude agave fields, where 100% Blue Weber agave is nurtured and carefully harvested, ensuring each plant reaches full maturity. Their unwavering dedication to tending to these agave plants exemplifies the meticulous care and attention that goes into every bottle of Casa Noble Tequila.