Brownstone Winery

Brownstone Winery carries a rich heritage, tracing its roots to a heartwarming tale that unfolds in the early 1900s when a winemaker’s great-great-grandfather embarked on a journey of a lifetime. Immigrating from Italy to the vibrant streets of New York, he found his family a home in a Brooklyn brownstone, nestled not far from the bustling docks. Here, he toiled as a ship’s caulker by trade, but his true calling lay in the legacy of winemaking passed down through generations.

A master of the craft, he imparted the art of winemaking to his sons, igniting a passion that would endure through the years. Together, they ventured to open Scotto’s Wine Cellars, a beloved Brooklyn neighborhood landmark that stands proudly to this day.

The label of Brownstone Winery is an emblem of this extraordinary family journey, symbolizing their fresh start in the land of opportunity, America. It serves as a tribute to their humble beginnings in a Brooklyn brownstone in 1903 and the earliest chapters of their enduring winemaking legacy. Each bottle of Brownstone Winery carries the weight of tradition, the warmth of family, and the promise of a bright future, inviting wine enthusiasts to savor the taste of history and the promise of what lies ahead.