Black Button Distillery

Founded in 2012, Black Button Distilling stands as a pioneering force in the heart of Rochester, proudly reclaiming the title of the city’s first grain-to-glass distillery since the days of prohibition. Since our inception, we’ve embarked on an extraordinary journey, driven by a steadfast commitment to forging our own unique path in the world of craft spirits.

At Black Button, our philosophy is simple yet profound: to create adventurous craft spirits using locally sourced ingredients. This devotion to quality and authenticity has earned us a dedicated following that stretches far beyond our hometown, with loyal fans scattered across the country.

Wherever you find yourself, we extend an invitation to raise a glass with us. Let’s celebrate the opportunities that arise from life’s challenges and relish in the simple pleasures of finely crafted spirits. Black Button Distilling is a testament to the art of distillation, where innovation meets tradition, and every sip is a tribute to the spirit of adventure.