Barrelhouse 6 Distillery

Nestled in the heart of Hammondsport, New York, Barrelhouse 6 Distillery is your gateway to a world of exquisite spirits that consistently surpass expectations. Since their inception, they’ve been on a journey to create spirits that redefine excellence.

Brothers’ 1910 Bourbon Whiskey is an embodiment of their artistry. Aged in new oak barrels and finished in PX Sherry Casks, it offers a medley of flavors, from caramel and vanilla to a hint of coffee. This clear, smooth bourbon whiskey possesses a medium-amber hue and a finish that lingers with notes of vanilla custard, caramel, and buttery toffee.

Brothers’ 1910 Empire Rye, an equally remarkable creation, showcases the complexity of their craft. Aged in oak barrels and finished in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and Tawny Port Casks, it presents a unique blend of rye whisky with sweet notes of dried stone fruits, caramel, and florals. The palate is a journey through peppery spices, rich dried stone fruits, fig, caramel, and cocoa, culminating in a long and satisfying finish.

Brothers’ 1910 Bourbon Cream brings a touch of sweetness into their offerings. This delectable fusion of Brothers’ 1910 Bourbon with farm-fresh New York State cream, turbinado sugar, and organic vanilla creates a rich and indulgent experience.

Brothers’ 1910 Peppermint Cream adds a delightful twist, blending Brothers’ 1910 Vodka with organic peppermint and organic vanilla extracts, expertly paired with New York State cream. It’s the perfect treat, reminiscent of peppermint candy and ideal served in various ways.

SISTERS’ 1924 London Dry Gin is a testament to their versatility. This London Dry Gin, with its creamy and nicely balanced character, is highly recommended for elegant cocktails.

Middle Finger Moonshine is a standout in their lineup, a clean and grain-forward moonshine with a creamy corn character, making it an excellent choice for cocktails.

Brothers’ 1910 Vodka is the epitome of a truly American vodka. Crafted from 100% New York State-grown corn, it’s distilled five times before charcoal filtering, ensuring a smooth, authentic taste.

Barrelhouse 6 Distillery invites you to experience their liquid artistry. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, their spirits promise to elevate your palate and redefine your appreciation for craft distilling.