Bad Seed Hard Cider

Bad Seed Hard Cider is a renowned cidery known for its exceptional craft ciders that showcase the essence of the Hudson Valley region in New York. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Bad Seed has established itself as a prominent player in the cider industry.

At Bad Seed, the journey starts with the apples. They carefully select a variety of hand-picked, locally sourced apples, including traditional and heirloom varieties, to create their distinctive ciders. By utilizing the unique flavors and characteristics of these apples, Bad Seed produces ciders that are truly exceptional.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail define every step of the cider-making process at Bad Seed. From pressing the apples to fermenting the juice and aging it to perfection, their skilled team ensures that each batch reflects their commitment to excellence. The result is a range of ciders that capture the natural flavors of the apples, delivering a refreshing and authentic drinking experience.

Bad Seed takes pride in pushing the boundaries of cider-making by experimenting with different blends and infusions. Their innovative approach results in a diverse lineup of ciders, ranging from crisp and traditional styles to more adventurous and experimental flavors. Whether you prefer a classic dry cider, a fruit-infused variation, or a barrel-aged specialty, Bad Seed has something to satisfy every palate.

Beyond their dedication to crafting exceptional ciders, Bad Seed is deeply rooted in their community. They actively collaborate with local farmers, supporting sustainable agriculture and fostering relationships that ensure the highest quality ingredients. Additionally, they are committed to environmentally friendly practices, striving to minimize their carbon footprint and promote sustainability throughout their operations.

With its commitment to quality, innovation, and community, Bad Seed Hard Cider has established itself as a leader in the craft cider industry. Their passion for the art of cider-making shines through in every bottle, inviting cider enthusiasts to experience the true essence of the Hudson Valley in every sip.