Babe Wines

Babe Wines, initially known as Swish Beverages, burst onto the scene in 2016, fueled by the creative vision of its founders: Josh “The Fat Jewish” Ostrovsky, and the dynamic duo of David Oliver Cohen and Tanner Cohen. Their journey was defined by an innovative approach that leveraged their substantial social media following, resulting in the birth of a distinctive brand that is Babe Wine.

With a mission to simplify the sometimes overwhelming world of wine, Babe aimed to disrupt the market with a product that exuded fun, inclusivity, and portability. In a wine landscape saturated with tradition and complexity, Babe introduced a breath of fresh air.

This New York-based company boasts a captivating portfolio of wines that not only delight the palate but also please the eye. From the charming blush of their Rosé to the crisp allure of their Pinot Grigio and the rich flavors of their Red, Babe’s canned wines have emerged as an icon on Instagram. Their photogenic and delicious offerings have transformed Babe into one of the most frequently photographed and shared wines on the popular social media platform. With each sip, Babe invites consumers to join in a wine experience that is vibrant, approachable, and effortlessly shareable, adding a touch of sophistication to every occasion.